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Making Friends on Planes


Ahh! That exhilarating feeling when you’re about to board a plane to a new and hopefully anticipated destination. It can be quite exciting for those who love to fly and sit next to random people from random places and hearing their crazy life stories. Seriously, you meet the most interesting people from all over the world just by striking up a small talk convo about their book or where they’re travelling to. Flying in a plane can be rather boring, so make the best of it. If you’re a socialite, you have nothing to lose so try it.

You might:

-Meet your next business partner

-Get a potential dream job offer

-Make a new amazing friend

-Meet your soul mate

-Meet a humble celebrity


-Somebody who enlightens you and offers some valuable life advice

On rare occasion you might encounter a Scrooge – if that’s the case then read a book, sleep, listen to music, or daydream.

On a flight to Guatemala a few summers ago, my friend and I sat next to a man who is the manager of the Panamanian Band, Los Rabones. He ended up inviting us to The Pepsi Music Challenge in Guatemala City that his band was playing for that evening. Free entrance, free food and Pepsi (which we health nuts declined) all from asking our plane friend about the book he was holding. It was quite an interesting and unforgettable event. Score!

While sitting in the airport in Ohio for a delayed flight, I struck up a conversation with a man next to me about how annoying delayed flights are. Turns out I was talking to a very famous, former NFL player who was flying home the NFL Hall of Fame event. On another flight (last example-  I promise) I saw next to a couple that owns a vineyard in California and said they would take care of me if I ever make it out there. NICE! Talk to strangers. You never know who you will meet!