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Leave the Hamster Wheel and Wander From Your Comfort Zone

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As we get older its easy and common to become comfortable and content in our daily lives. We have our jobs, our house, car, maybe kids and a spouse, etc. Most people are in a cycle of wake up, work, hang out with the family, watch TV, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s the easy and stable comfort zone that minimizes stress and anxiety.

Yet, comfort zones lead to boredom, mental decay, losing zest for life, aging and frustration. Recent findings show that we only perform maximum performance when in a state of relative anxiety, which is slightly outside the comfort zones. This “optimal anxiety” is the peak point where we learn, challenge ourselves, and prosper.

I have been through this for a few years, and believe me….I have grown very bored to where my life resembles a hamster on a wheel, or better yet – the man in the movie Groundhog’s Day. NOT FUN! This can lead to things like addiction and/or depression, or positive things like new hobbies, or better yet – FINDING YOUR PURPOSE!

Luckily, I have found my life purpose (and still continue to find new ones) a few years ago and am slowly taking the steps to manifest it and escape the hamster wheel. Ya know how I found it? CURIOSITY. Yes, it did kill the cat. But we are not cats; so it is safe to be curious.

Being curious can help you find what it takes to leave your comfort zone and live a more exciting and meaningful life.

After browsing the halls of the library for a book that looked interesting, I stumbled upon a book with an odd title, checked it out and it forever changed my life and I discovered one of  my biggest life passions.

While this isnt as easy for just anyone to find their passion, my point is that staying curious in life will keep your brain and mind sharp, carve out new neural pathways, trigger new synapses, which all lead to fireworks in your brain. You will discover things that really excite you and make you want to wake up in the morning, even if you have a day full of dreaded meetings on a topic that makes you want to jump off a cliff.


Awesome ways to stay curious are….

  • Keep an open mind to people, situations, ideas, etc.
  • Travel to new territories. Leave the country if you can. Leave behind the travel guides and let fate dictate your journey. If time is limited, take a 2 hour road trip and get away for a few days.
  • Reminisce on what really sparked you when you were 10 years old and bring back the top  5 things into your life that really lit your fire (this shouldn’t include barbies and toy trucks). 10 is a great age to use because its when your interests were mostly guided by your own intuition, when you are most curious, free, and naive to the objectives of adult life.
  • Read books on topics you’d like to learn more about.
  • Have a water fight with your friends.
  • Exercise, even its 10 minutes a day. Keep the oxygen and blood circulating to keep your mind and body sharp.
  • Take a new route to work
  • Learn a new language
  • Volunteer for a non-profit or organization you admire
  • Write everyday.  Maybe start a blog on your daily life or on a topic that interests you. You never know where the doors will take you. BELIEVE ME!
  • Start a small side business offering a service or product that you are awesome at creating. Do you have a talent, knowledge for, or service people are constantly coming to you for advice for? If so, its time to start a business. In T. Harv Eker’s best selling book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” he embraces this concept, as it turned him into a millionaire.
  • Join a kickball, running, or bowling team.
  • Play more boardgames.
  • Meditate
  • Try taking yoga classes. These clears out all the “clutter,” and frees your mind to allow creativity to flow through.
  • List 10 things you are grateful for immediately after you wake up.

Stay curious. Stay positive. And please don’t settle your whole life in the comfort zone. Baby steps or leaps of faith promote the change everyone needs in their lives to avoid the hamster wheel. DO IT!

Making Friends on Planes


Ahh! That exhilarating feeling when you’re about to board a plane to a new and hopefully anticipated destination. It can be quite exciting for those who love to fly and sit next to random people from random places and hearing their crazy life stories. Seriously, you meet the most interesting people from all over the world just by striking up a small talk convo about their book or where they’re travelling to. Flying in a plane can be rather boring, so make the best of it. If you’re a socialite, you have nothing to lose so try it.

You might:

-Meet your next business partner

-Get a potential dream job offer

-Make a new amazing friend

-Meet your soul mate

-Meet a humble celebrity


-Somebody who enlightens you and offers some valuable life advice

On rare occasion you might encounter a Scrooge – if that’s the case then read a book, sleep, listen to music, or daydream.

On a flight to Guatemala a few summers ago, my friend and I sat next to a man who is the manager of the Panamanian Band, Los Rabones. He ended up inviting us to The Pepsi Music Challenge in Guatemala City that his band was playing for that evening. Free entrance, free food and Pepsi (which we health nuts declined) all from asking our plane friend about the book he was holding. It was quite an interesting and unforgettable event. Score!

While sitting in the airport in Ohio for a delayed flight, I struck up a conversation with a man next to me about how annoying delayed flights are. Turns out I was talking to a very famous, former NFL player who was flying home the NFL Hall of Fame event. On another flight (last example-  I promise) I saw next to a couple that owns a vineyard in California and said they would take care of me if I ever make it out there. NICE! Talk to strangers. You never know who you will meet!

A Health Nut in NYC!

Went to NYC this past weekend and came back feeling more alive than ever! Everything about it…. the crisp fall air, constant movement, seeing every walk of life possible,  and plethora of shops, restaurants and coffee shops just instantly makes you feel so alive. While there, we ate at this fabulous restaurant  in the Village by Washington Square Park called Quantum Leap with a huge choice of veggie burgers, veg dishes, as well as some fish.  I had the “Fire Rock Burger,” and it was incredible. Check out a glimpse of their amazing menu….

quantum leap

The constant movement of people, taxis galore and tall buildings add so much energy…


First time going to Washington Square Park


photo (3)

Authentic Italian Coffee shops offering ALMOND MILK lattes??? Jackpot!

photo (2)

Central Park


Back Bends in Central Park. Enough said.


Cartwheels keep you young! The trick is growing up without growing old.” – Casey Stengel


Random pictures painted on trees



photo (11)

Lovely Family

photo (8)

And of course…some LOVE

photo (6)




Fall in Love With Lavender



Lavender is absolutely wonderful. It smells great, relaxes you, revitalizes you, cleanses you, has many homeopathic external uses, as well as putting you in a blissful trance.


Get your daily dose of lavender through candles, incense, and oils.


You can make hair masks, body lotions and serums, lip gloss, and much more. If you’re a nervous flier, bring some lavender oil on board with and inhale when you’re feeling any anxiety. Works like magic!




When traveling, especially overseas, bring these awesome home remedies for optimal digestive health, energy, and prevention of pathogens.
-Pau d’arco is a natural antibiotic, candida killer and much more.
-Olive leaf is one of natures most potent antibiotics.
-Ginger is good for nausea, sea sickness, inflammation, digestive issues, and for healing cuts and sprains.
-Fiber….no need to explain this one
-Aloe is great for healing external infections, sunburns, and is also a miracle for any travelers “digestive issues” and everything related to that matter
-cayenne is very alkalizing, cleansing, is great for after plane rides when circulation can use a boost, and parasites HATE cayenne! If you’re going overseas make sure you’ve got some in your luggage!
-green powders are great of course if you can’t find a juice joint or are steering clear of international raw-prepared meals.
-pro-biotics help maintain good bacteria in your stomach, keep candida at bay, keep things moving and are good for easing stomach issues and pains.

Yay to healthy travels!

2 POWERFUL Lessons from my Yoga Class in Bali

I spent the last month traveling Southeast Asia, and one of many experiences that I will never forget is the yoga class I took in Ubud, Bali. First, I must say that Ubud is the most incredible place I have ever been to. Friendly and welcoming people, lots of monkeys, delicious food, warm weather, and easygoing lifestyles. Also, I visited Ketut, the Medicine Man from Eat, Pray, Love and got a reading done. SO SO AWESOME!  Okay, back to yoga…..
I took a yin yoga class at the Yoga Barn. Yin yoga is a very unique style of yoga, in that it involves holding a stretch for 3-5 minutes at a time. At first it feels painful, but then you get past the discomfort and can move deeper into the pose. The purpose of yin yoga is to unblock tensions, toxins, fears, guilt, and other toxic things that get stored in our deep fascia. Fascia is the deepest tissue in our body and has a weblike structure that exists throughout our entire bodies, and pretty much holds everything into place. The healthier and less toxic our fascia, the better we feel and move, and ultimately the better our health. So, here are some cool lessons I learned…..
Lay on something every day that hurts you. Ok this sounds crazy but it feels amazing! We layed stomach down on yoga blocks, skinny side-up, with the block resting under our belly button area of our abdomen. Let your legs, shoulders and head lie limp on the ground. At first its super awkward and painful, but the pain goes away. No pain, NO GAIN! The purpose of this is to help loosen up toxins, pathogens, and negative feelings and memories that are stuck in our guts. Most diseases, according to Chinese medicine, lie in our guts. So if you’re having digestive problems, are bloated, tired, etc., lay on something that hurts you for 3-5 minutes!
Braid your toes. Sit with legs in butterfly position, and stagger your toes starting with your right big toe on top. From the top down should be right toe, left toe, right toe, left toe, all the way to your baby toes until they’re all stacked. Use your hands to hold them together as your bend forward. Hold for a minute, release, and braid your toes again starting with your left big toe on top. Hold for a minute, release, and observe the spaces between your toes. Chinese medicine says that when our physical body dies, we die from our feet up, and that when we have clear, tension-free feet, we have a clear healthy mind.  
I highly recommend doing these every day for a clearer body and mind! Only takes 8 minutes and the feeling you have after is totally worth it!