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Fabulous Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is packed with nutrition, flavor, and beauty-enhancing benefits. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in dozens of recipes. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae (try pronouncing that!) family, along with pumpkins and other forms of squash. It’s uses vary from food sources of its meat and seeds, as well as medicinal uses from it’s rich oils.  I included one of my most recent recipes that was so good I had to share. It pretty much tastes like Thanksgiving! But first, lets explore the nutritional and beauty properties of this awesome fall veggie.



Vitamin A

  • Nutrition: the richest source in its family, Vitamin A helps fight cancer cells, boosts immunity, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and keeps your eyes healthy and improves eyesight, including improved night vision
  • Beauty: Its retinoids nourish skin cells and keep your skin soft, hydrated and glowing while preventing aging and treats psoriasis and acne

Vitamin C

  • Nutrition: attacks free radicals in the body, boosts immunity and T-cells, and helps fight cancer
  • Beauty: super important for collagen production, keeps skin supple and prevents and reverses premature aging, corrects sun spots and blemish scars

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

  • Nutrition: important for neural tube formation in growing fetus’s, promotes heart health and better hearing, helps healthy cell division and turnover,  enhances mood and reduces depression – how about that for those winter moody blues?!
  • Beauty: stimulates faster and stronger hair and nail growth, gives skin a natural moisturized glow, firms the skin and prevents acne.

Butternut squash is also low-cal and cholesterol free. Its high fiber content keeps things “regular” in the body, which is vital for one’s health. Now for the recipe…

You will need one butternut squash, 1/2 cup diced onions, 1.5 cups almond milk (or any milk of your liking) sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin and one glove of garlic.

In a pan, steam butternut squash in one inch of water until the meat is soft for a fork to go all the way through. While this is steaming, in another pan add the rest of the ingredients and stir. Once squash starts getting soft, scoop chunks and add it to your sauce mixture until all ingredients are mixed and the squash is soft to your liking. Enjoy :)




Wake Up Your Face


Most people have found their tried and true beauty routine that works for their special needs. How is yours looking? Over time, our skin cells and chemistry can change, yet our morning and nightly beauty regimes remain the same. Could your beauty routine use a little spicing up? If so, here are 2 awesome hacks that will give you glorious skin!

COFFEE BEAN FACE MASKS:  I swear by these. Not only does coffee jolt your nervous system; it also jolts life into your skin by increasing circulation which brings extra blood flow and oxygen to your face. This all leads to an awesome glow.

The texture of the grounds act as an exfoliant that slough off dead skin cells as well as dirt, bacteria, etc. Caffeine has been proven to tighten your skin, and make your pores smaller which all contribute to more youthful skin.

Also, if you leave it on long enough, you’ll look like you just got back from a short trip to Jamaica. The color of coffee grounds can give your skin a mild tan stain that looks au naturale.


APPLICATION: On wet skin, rub coffee grounds on your face in clockwise/counter-clockwise motions for 1 minute.  If you could use some extra color, leave the grounds on your skin for at least 5 minutes and gently wash off.

To make a face mask, mix: ¼ cup coffee grounds with 1 tbs.  honey and 1 tsp of coconut oil. Apply on your face and wash off after 30 minutes.

If you have under-eye circles or backs, lightly dab coffee grounds under your eyes and leave on for 5 minutes. This adds circulation to get rid of any blue hues while also dislodging excess water weight that contributes to puffiness.

PINCH YOUR FACE: Left your blush at home? Skin looking kinda dull? No worries. Pinch your cheeks where you would normally apply blush. Do quick pinches along this area for a minute to create a natural glow. One of the main reasons for dull skin is insufficient circulation to our faces. Pinching helps take care of that.


Whenever your skin could use a little oomph, coffee and pinching to the rescue!!

Lets Talk About Collagen


Ah, collagen! The highly coveted matrix that has created a billion dollar industry in America. Collagen is a mesh like substance found in the skin that keeps your skin firm, tight, and wrinkle-free. As we age, collagen production begins to slow down, and visits to plastic surgeons begin to speed up.

If your skin could use a little “firming up” lately, consider your diet before hitting up your cosmetic specialist. Collagen is mostly made up of the amino acids Glycine (about 60%) and Proline (30ish %), as well as hydroxyproline. The 3rd component,  hydroxyproline, is derived from proline but needs its dear BFF, VITAMIN C in order to successfully be manufactured into collagen. These 3 substances together must be present to complete the collagen matrix that will keep your skin fabulous. You can consume all the proline and glycine you want to, but without sufficient vitamin C, you’re skin is SOL. Sorry :(

So…what to do? Incorporate as many foods and organic amino acid supplements into your diet so you have the ingredients to complete the collagen-boosting cocktail. They are both non-essential amino acids, meaning that our bodies produce them in the liver. However, if your liver isn’t functioning at its best (unfortunately this applies to anyone with a healthy social life and consumes adult beverages), then your production levels could use a boost.

Milk thistle is awesome for cleansing and toning your liver…so it helps your body assemble amino acids more efficiently. Get some.

FOR GLYCINE, consume these:

  • Spirulina- a potent superfood containing all 20 amino acids
  • Animal sources: Pork, fish, dairy and turkey
  • Plant sources: Sesame seeds, seaweed, beans, spinach, pumpkin, kale, kiwi, banana, cauliflower and burdock root.

*Be sure to consume vitamin C along with these! Oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits are awesome sources!
FOR PROLINE, consume these:

  • Asparagus, avocado, bamboo, broccoli rabe, brown rice, cauliflower, seafood, seaweed, spinach, watercress, whey, and eggs.

You can always take collagen supplements as well. Though I’m in my 20′s and still have smooth skin, I’m all about being proactive and just started to use the Supercollagen +C. So far so good!


Other ways to boost collagen production are facial yoga and massage, laser treatments, yoga (increased circulation brings more oxygenated and amino acid-rich blood to your face), and collagen powder facial masks to name a few.

Also, be sure to avoid lotions and make-up if you can, they are loaded with creepy chemicals and fragrances that break the collagen matrix. Not cute!!

I attached a pic of the chemical structures of these aminos….since I’m sure you were curious as to what they look like ;)


(how nerdy am I!)


Ginger & Coconut Kale Salad


This recipe is nothing short of fabulous!  Very tasty and hearty, it is packed with nutrition that  gives you tons of energy while it detoxes your body, builds immunity, reverses aging and makes you GLOW!

Prep time: 15 minutes or less!

All you need is….

  • 1 inch of grated ginger root
  • 1 clove of minced garlic
  • 1/4 tsp. iodized sea salt or celtic sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp. pepper
  • 1 tsp. of coconut oil
  • 4-6 cups of kale or your leafy green of choice
  • Some L<3V


In a small bowl, mix garlic, ginger, salt, pepper and coconut oil together. Pour over kale and use tongs or hands to mix thoroughly and serve. That’s it! This takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and costs under 10 bucks.


This recipe is versatile so you can get creative and add other toppings if you prefer. I added shredded carrots, avocado, diced radishes, dulse flakes (for thyroid health), and cayenne pepper. YUM! ;)


Why this is a powerful recipe…..

KALE has more iron than beef and is packed with fiber. Also, it has high amounts vitamin K for bone health and prevention of blood clots; has antioxidants to prevent cancer and disease; is loaded with Vitamins A & C; is great for heart health and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Oh, and it cleanses your liver too! A cleaner liver = healthier skin and eyes!

GARLIC AND GINGER are anti-inflammatory, kills parasites and infections, stabilizes blood pressure, are natural antibiotics, fights cholesterol, are antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. Whew. The list goes on and on but I don’t want to overwhelm you!

COCONUT OIL reverses aging, kills fungal infections, candida and parasites; gives you tons of energy and gives you awesome skin.

Try this recipe today! You and your friends and family will love it!

3 Awesome Hacks for Home Cleaning & Self Care


When it comes to cleaning the house and beauty routines, going natural has tremendous benefits on/in you, your furniture and the environment. Mother Nature has gifted us with 3 amazing gifts that take care of most household and grooming needs.

First, I want to briefly discuss why most store-bought items should be avoided…

Most household cleaners get the job done. Great! But – they are loaded with super toxic chemicals that are awful to ingest through your senses, as well as the environment’s ozone layer. Clean your glass tables with something like Windex, for example, (I dont mean to bash Windex – it’s the first thing to pop into my mind) and you are most likely going to inhale a plethora of toxic chemicals into your respiratory tract which can harm your beautiful and life-sustaining lungs and nasal cavity. Cue the Twilight Zone music.

If it comes into contact with your skin, these chemicals quickly become absorbed into your pores and travel through your bloodstream to hopefully be eliminated through the liver. Our liver is our biggest detox organ and it HATES man-made chemicals. Unnatural household cleaners = toxic city! Also, these cocktails of toxins have been proven to disrupt the body’s endocrine and nervous systems. Hello anxiety and hormonal imbalances! Please don’t hate me for this….but most beauty and hygiene products are just as bad :(

But I have really awesome news!!

You can clean your whole house with some natural random staples that are incredibly effective, cheap and won’t make your liver want to punch you. Also, they have some great beautifying benefits! Score!


HOME: This oil is a miracle worker. Rub or pour (depends on your climate!) some onto a barely damp cloth, mix with baking soda and rub on a carpet or upholstery to remove stains. Polish leather, coat your pans for healthier cooking, remove gum, and clean your sinks and showers with coconut oil on a cloth.

YOU: Known to be loaded with nutrients and hydrating properties, coconut oil is awesome for your skin, face, preventing and buffing out fine lines, kills fungal infections and makes a great eye make-up remover.  Nix those toxic lotions and face creams and lather up in coconut oil. You can also mix it with some baking soda to make a whitening toothpaste.


HOUSE: Baking soda is very binding and works as a natural deodorizer. Unpleasant science projects growing in your fridge? Toss in a punctured box of baking soda ( and please throw out the science project). Use in liter boxes, sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming, in between the liner of your trash bag/can, or anywhere in your home that’s not smelling so fresh. Peace out, Febreeze!

YOU: Sprinkle some on a wet toothbrush and brush for one minute in the AM and PM. It’s a common ingredient in whitening toothpastes, sans the toxins. Your teeth will become insanely whiter in no time. Lackluster skin? Mix with water and rub in circles on your face for a minute every night. It will bind to and remove toxins and target those pesky oil zones.


HOME: White vinegar is a great alternative to cleaning countertops, glass, and floors. It’s cheap and harmless, and gets the job done like a boss. Add some lemon juice if the smell bothers you. Clogged drains? Vinegar and baking soda gives Draino a run for its money. Pour a cup of or vinegar and 2 tbsp of baking soda into a clogged drain. Wait 15 minutes and pour hot water down it. This works for toilets too. Follow the same process and flush 5 minutes after your pour in hot water. If this doesnt work, it’s time to call your plumber.

YOU: Apple Cider Vinegar clears up your skin and gives you silky hair. Apply ACV to a cotton ball as your new astringent. It clears your skin and dissolves oil while delivering tons of nutrients. In the shower, use ACV as a post-shampoo rinse to help get rid of any build-up while it packs in nutrients for a gorgeous sheen.

These 3 ingredients are versatile, bank account friendly, and 100% safe to you, your home, and the environment. Try them today :)




Why I Judge Food by its Colors


Skittles isn’t the only one that agrees you should eat the rainbow. Eating a nice range of different colors will give you a vibrant glow and make you insanely healthier. Everything we eat manifests in all of our cells, which in turn affects the health and color of our skin.

Consumption of produce that consists of reds, greens, blues, yellows, purples, and oranges will give your skin an awesome hue. Who doesn’t want to manifest the full spectrum!

Flooding your body with the rainbow every day also delivers you a plethora of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. This in turn boost energy, improves immune function, kills cancer and candida cells, detoxes your liver, kidneys and colon, and makes your skin vibrant and less prone to wrinkles and other fun byproducts of aging.

However, this does not include food that is dyed with artificial coloring. Avoid those dyes like your life depends on it – because it does! Fake dyes are one of your brains biggest adversaries. There are dozens of studies that show strong correlations between artificial food dye consumption and impaired visual, cognitive, and metabolic  function.

On the bright side, color extracts from many veggies and spices are being used to dye food now. So rest assured – you can still splurge on red velvet cake. Just be sure to make sure it is dyed with beet juice.

Steer clear of foods that are white and brown like bread, pasta, red meat, cookies, sugar, dairy, you get the picture! These foods wreak havoc on your body which leads to excess mucus. This is a recipe for your skin to show pallor and sallow hues.

Some suggestions on eating the rainbow include salads, smoothies, juicing, adding veggies to wraps and sandwiches, experimenting with your food processor, or just eating them how they are :)

Radiantly Awesome Health Recap:

  • No artificial food dyes
  • Avoid whites and browns
  • Eat the rainbow
  • Love your body
  • Do it!

Do You Need Some MSM in Your Life?

What is MSM?
MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a type of naturally occurring sulfur found in all living beings. It helps to soften tissues in the body while also building strong connective tissue and helps to repair collagen. According to David Wolfe, a raw and superfood guru, “This is how MSM lives up to its reputation of building collagen and maintaining healthy joints. This is also why MSM increases flexibility (good for yoga), hastens recovery time from sore muscles, and is excellent for recovery from athletic injuries.”
MSM has numerous benefits and is vital for our every day functioning and well-being. It is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body, and a deficiency can have serious health benefits. It aids in repairing tissues and wounds, as well as being known for building up keratin and collagen, coining it the “beauty nutrient.”
  • Makes hair grow faster, thicker, silkier and more lustrous
  • Tightens skin and can reduce wrinkles when applied externally
  • Makes nails grow faster and stronger
  • Makes your skin glow. MSM aids in collagen in keratin production, making our elastic tissues much tighter and firmer. See ya, wrinkles!
  • Relieves pain from arthritis. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or stiff joints, stock up on MSM – you may be deficient
  • Reduces inflammation. Dr. Stanley Jacob states that “Sulfur is found in over 150 compounds within the human body and that sulfur components are in every cell, so it is very important.”
  • Rejuvenates the liver and helps deliver nutrient rich compounds to the skin
  • Allows nutrients to permeate into tissues better
  • Has important detoxing properties. Glutathione, an important antioxidant that is  produced in our bodies cannot function correctly without sulfur present. 
Where to get MSM?
MSM is abundant in leafy greens and meat. It can also be found in capsule form at your nearest health store. You can also empty the capsules into smoothies. Externally, I break open two capsules of MSM into some coconut oil and use it as a face mask. I leave it on for 30 minutes, 3X a week and this has dramatically tightened my skin.  I highly recommend you get some MSM into your life!

11 Fantastic Uses for Coconut Oil


Coconuts are absolutely wonderful for pretty much everything in life! They make coconut water, coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut sugar, are edible, and make fabulous bikini tops.The most versatile aspect of coconuts is the oil they produce. Coconut oil is a miracle worker with hundreds of uses from cooking to eye make-up remover. In Asia and the Pacific, they use it for food as well as medicine. Places where citizens consume a lot of coconut oil like Polynesia and Sri Lanka have significantly low rates of heart disease and cancer. Here are 11 fantastic uses for coconut oil:

BODY LOTION This oil makes a wonderful body lotion that nourishes, deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin like no other. It also gives your skin a nice shine – great for a hitting a night on the town or feeling you’re on the cat walk. Meow! Most lotions are full of toxic chemicals, petroleum-based ingredients, fragrances and dyes that travel through your pores, enter your bloodstream and are free to roam your body. Not cute. 

DISEASE It nourishes the heart with good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol. Furthermore, “It also lessens heart disease as shown by studies performed on inhabitants of the Pacific Islands where their entire caloric intake included 30% to 60% from fully saturated coconut oil. These people were discovered to be free of cardiovascular disease.” *

ENERGY & WEIGHT LOSS Since it is a medium chain fatty acid, it goes straight to the liver for digestion where it is turned into energy, increasing metabolism and adding mores spring to your step!

COOKING Coconut oil is the only oil that does not turn carcinogenic when cooked at high temperatures. Most oils cooked at high temperatures become unstable as their bonds break apart and become carcinogenic. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is stable and does not break down easily at higher temperatures. Also, it gives your food a very mild nutty flavor.


BAKING Makes a great oil substitute in baking recipes and brings out a really nice flavor. Bruce Fife wrote an excellent book, The Coconut Oil Miracle and talks all about coconut oil and gives some fabulous recipes like this one. Here’s a sneak peak of one of his recipes


HAIR MASK Locks look a little dull, lackluster or dry? Smother coconut oil in your hair and let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing out. Coconut oil locks in a deep moisture and repairs your hair. Even better…sleep with it in your hair and rinse in the AM. (you might want to put a towel on your pillow if you do this)

EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER Nix your OTC makeup removers ASAP! They are full of chemicals that are no bueno for you and actually break down collagen bonds in your skin. Instead, put a little bit of coconut oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe away. This works like a charm!

TURNS BACK THE AGING CLOCK When it comes to aging, its best to proactive about our skin rather than wait for signs to appear. Coconut oil to the rescue! It gives your deep moisture to prevent cracks from happening, promotes collagen production, heals wounds and scars, evens skin tone, helps treat exzema, and much more. I highly recommend applying some before bed and upon rising in the morning. A little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly. While it may be a bit greasy at first, it absorbs quickly into skin.

ANTI-EVERYTHING BAD! Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. It has been proven to cure all kinds of diseases (in minor cases) and is great at easing flu symptoms, healing infections, killing viruses, parasites and other pathogens. It also helps relieve kidney problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kills candida. Take a teaspoon every morning, or add some to your AM smoothie or coffee to reap these awesome benefits.

RELIEVES DANDRUFF If you’re battling dandruff problems, it may really be a fungal infection. Before showering, massage coconut oil into your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes before washing out. Also, take a teaspoon every morning and fast for 2 hours. Keep doing this until your dandruff disappears.

GUM HEALTH Having dental issues? Nothing coconut oil cant help. Most dental issues are due to infections, and coconut oil is a miracle worker for oral health. It has been proven to  kill bacteria, infections, pathogens, gingivitis, relieve pains, and other issues.Make your own toothpaste by mixing equal parts coconut oil with baking soda, and mint or vanilla extract to add some flavor. BONUS: IT NATURALLY WHITENS YOUR TEETH!

Clearly, coconut oil is a miracle. There is not a single part of your body that it is bad for. For awesomely radiant health, consume at least 1 tsp. everyday, as well as lathering up in it. Its $10 for a jar and lasts you FOREVER! Ok, maybe not forever, but my jars last me 4-5 months. I scoop half of it out into a BPA free Tupperware container to keep in my room for external uses, while I keep the other jarred half in my kitchen for cooking.  You can find jars of coconut oil in most grocery stores, as well on Amazon. Be sure to get a kind that is organic, cold-pressed, and extra virgin. (less processed and more nutrient dense).

A Happy Healthy Bun in the Oven


Got a bun in the oven or hoping to have one soon? If so, congrats in advance!! It is vital to have a healthy terrain for baby to grow in as well as giving him/her vital nutrients, love and – not to get all new age on you – peace. As soon as conception happens, a mother and her baby form a bond and are much interconnected in many ways. Along with eating healthy, additional lifestyles such as juicing, meditation, nature, and moderate exercise like yoga and walking can have tremendous benefits on a mother and her baby. FUN FACT: A mother’s habits when the baby is in the womb sets a blueprint and will affect the baby’s habits throughout life. If you eat junk food while pregnant, your baby will freely eat junk food at their own free will. Eating lots of fruit and veggies on the other hand, will set the babies blueprint and palate to choose healthy eating habits. According to the Environmental Nutrition magazine, “..a high-fat maternal diet can change the offspring’s gene expression and behavior towards a desire for more palatable foods.” – Endocrinology 2010.

Juicing is a wonderful thing you can do for your and your baby’s health. Juicing separates the fiber from the juice of fruits and veggies, making all of those vitamins and minerals readily available to flood through your body and instantly be absorbed. Be sure to use organic produce and wash them thoroughly with veggie wash (vinegar works too!) and a brush to remove any pesticides. Green juices are crazy healthy and will nourish you like no other, followed by other veggie and fruit juices.

While many doctors will recommend taking a prenatal vitamin as your source of nutrients, it’s always better to get your nutrients in the form of food, as many vitamins have toxic fillers and can cause problems in the mother. I am not a doctor; this is just based on a wide array of sources I have read so do what works best for you. Please do your own research on this topic and use your best judgment. If you choose to take a prenatal, juicing is still a very wise choice and has the most potent form of readily available nutrients.


FOLIC ACID: Folic acid (vitamin B9) is a superhero during pregnancy! It helps develop your baby’s spinal cord, brain, prevents neural tube defects, reduces risks of a cleft lip and/or palate, repairs DNA and allows for rapid cell growth of the placenta, and much more. The recommended dose while pregnant is 400 mcg (micrograms) a day, and 500 mcg while breastfeeding. To up your folic acid intake, juice with kale, romaine lettuce, spinach (has the highest source!), asparagus, broccoli, guava and orange juice. It is BEST to get your folic acid from food! According to Dr. Furman, “Supplemental folic acid has also been linked to prostate cancer3colorectal cancer4, and overall cancer mortality.7 Because folate is abundant in the nutritarian diet, and synthetic folic acid is so potentially dangerous, folic acid is not included in Dr. Fuhrman’s Gentle Care multivitamin.”


GINGER: Oh, the lovely ginger. Ginger is a wonderful anti-inflammatory that keeps your immune working like superman during pregnancy. A HUGE PERK to juicing with ginger is its anti-nausea/vomiting abilities that many pregnant women suffer from. It relaxes the stomach, aids digestion, prevents acid reflux, and will nix your nausea in no time. Remember when you were sick and your mom gave you ginger ale? Enough said. J Add an inch of ginger root to your juice at least once a day.


PROTEIN: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and proteins are the building blocks of life. Proteins aid in cell function and synthesis, metabolism, growth and development, immune function, repairs and builds DNA and RNA, formation of tissues and organs, and has also created a huge meathead industry. (Just kidding!…a little.) The best way to get all of your amino acids is through a wide range of fruits and veggies such as a blend of pineapple, carrots, spinach, apples, cabbage, celery, beets, and cucumbers. The more vast the range of colors, the better!


When juicing during pregnancy, some DON’TS are…

  • Do not juice fast! This can stimulate a detox, and having extra toxins roaming your system is dangerous to baby.
  • No substituting meals for juice.
  • Go light on cilantro and parsley. These bad boys are POTENT detoxifiers for your liver and kidneys. Normally I would say this is great for you except for the fact that you’ll have extra toxins loosened up in your system which can make their way into the womb.

Listen to your body. If something makes you feel sick or doesn’t feel right, avoid it. Let your intuition guide you.

Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Unlocking Mother Natures Secrets for Glowing, Youthful Skin



Most people today, especially women, spend lots of time and money on products, serums, procedures, books, advice, etc. to achieve eternal youth and beauty. We live in a society where looking and feeling young, beautiful and fit are highly coveted and worshipped. Add on the pressure from the media who are great at adding to this pressure as they symbolize what a healthy beautiful person looks like with models and actresses. Looking like a Kardashian or Victoria Secret model isn’t the most realistic goal and no way to compare oneself to, unless you really want to look like one and are willing to put in the work, money and hours…then Hey! Go for it!

Add in the flood of baby boomers striving to lock in their youth. One of the most coveted beauty ideals is to keep our skin young, tight, clear and beautiful. Its a hot beauty trend that has caused the plastic surgery industry to boom. According to, in 2011 the industry totaled over $80 billion. In 2015 it is expected to climb to $115 billion! Clearly, Americans are willing to shell out a lot of money to look younger. Unfortunately, most of the products from stores have been shown to be ineffective, especially given the high prices.

In addition, these products are loaded with toxic chemicals that can break down collagen bonds and disrupt your endocrine system which leads to hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances = bad skin. Procedures on the other hand are proven to be more effective, as proven by the statistics that in 2011 and 2012, Botox sales were $5.3 million, $5.7 million respectively, and is predicted to close at $1.94 billion in 2013! Clearly, America hates wrinkles! No wonder younger generations are afraid to age.


While Botox proves to be temporarily effective, it is expensive (between $300-$500) each time, is toxic, and lasts about 3-4 months which is bad news to those who cannot afford to be a repeat customer. The good news is that Mother Nature creates some fantastic products that when used internally and externally, can reverse aging, smooth out fine lines, and even out skin tone. In a nutshell, healthy youthful skin is all about prevention. Don’t wait for lines or dull skin to happen, be proactive!  I would like to add that I have nothing against Botox or those who use it and completely understand why people get use it, this is simply to holistically inform those looking to naturally achieve beautiful skin. In this three part series, I share what you can put ON your skin, do to your skin, and consume to achieve naturally smooth, beautiful skin. Let’s explore….


Nix those toxic face washes, lotions and toners. They are doing more harm than good!

  • IODIZED SEA SALT: This will slough off dead skin, clean pores, remove make-up, and brighten your skin while leaving behind minerals and ions that neutralize free radicals to prevent aging. Rinse your face with warm water and then gently rub 1 teaspoon of sea salt in circular motions on your face for 1 minute, then wash off. Do this every night. Cost: $1
  • BENTONITE CLAY MASKS: This mask makes your skin RADIATE! Bentonite clay binds to toxins, oil, etc. in your pores and draws them out. It is powerful at clearing skin, zapping blackheads, evening skin tone and tightening pores, which will lead to a natural glow. In a non-metal bowl, mix one tablespoon of clay with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, mix well and lather all over your face. Leave on for at least 30 minutes and wash off with warm water. Do this 3x a week. Cost: $15
  • LEMON JUICE AND APPLE CIDER VINEGAR:  These two work as a great astringent that tone your skin, prevent blemishes, and deliver tons of vitamins and minerals. Nourishment prevents wrinkles. The acids neutralize oil and bacteria. Use a swab of either of these and rub onto skin every day before bed. You can use these interchangeably.  Cost: 30 cents to $6.
  • COCONUT OIL:  Coconut oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other properties that nourish, soften, tone, and hydrate your skin. Dehydrated skin is a recipe for dry skin which leads to cracks, uneven skin tone and dull color. Hydrated skin is key for gorgeous skin!! HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! Substitute this for your moisturizer and watch your skin change.  Cost: $10
  • BAKING SODA: While your face is wet, gently rub baking soda on your skin in circular motions. Baking soda is an excellent exfoliant, makes your skin glow, reduces age spots and wrinkles, and binds to dirt and bacteria to remove it. Your skin will look amazing!! Cost: $1






Incorporate these tricks into your beauty routine in lieu of chemical laden products and your life will change! All of these are under $15 so your skin and bank account will love you!!








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