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Fabulous Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is packed with nutrition, flavor, and beauty-enhancing benefits. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be used in dozens of recipes. It belongs to the Cucurbitaceae (try pronouncing that!) family, along with pumpkins and other forms of squash. It’s uses vary from food sources of its meat and seeds, as well as medicinal uses from it’s rich oils.  I included one of my most recent recipes that was so good I had to share. It pretty much tastes like Thanksgiving! But first, lets explore the nutritional and beauty properties of this awesome fall veggie.



Vitamin A

  • Nutrition: the richest source in its family, Vitamin A helps fight cancer cells, boosts immunity, lowers risk of cardiovascular disease and keeps your eyes healthy and improves eyesight, including improved night vision
  • Beauty: Its retinoids nourish skin cells and keep your skin soft, hydrated and glowing while preventing aging and treats psoriasis and acne

Vitamin C

  • Nutrition: attacks free radicals in the body, boosts immunity and T-cells, and helps fight cancer
  • Beauty: super important for collagen production, keeps skin supple and prevents and reverses premature aging, corrects sun spots and blemish scars

Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

  • Nutrition: important for neural tube formation in growing fetus’s, promotes heart health and better hearing, helps healthy cell division and turnover,  enhances mood and reduces depression – how about that for those winter moody blues?!
  • Beauty: stimulates faster and stronger hair and nail growth, gives skin a natural moisturized glow, firms the skin and prevents acne.

Butternut squash is also low-cal and cholesterol free. Its high fiber content keeps things “regular” in the body, which is vital for one’s health. Now for the recipe…

You will need one butternut squash, 1/2 cup diced onions, 1.5 cups almond milk (or any milk of your liking) sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin and one glove of garlic.

In a pan, steam butternut squash in one inch of water until the meat is soft for a fork to go all the way through. While this is steaming, in another pan add the rest of the ingredients and stir. Once squash starts getting soft, scoop chunks and add it to your sauce mixture until all ingredients are mixed and the squash is soft to your liking. Enjoy :)