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I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of buying groceries and having some of them sit in the fridge a little too long before turning into science projects. It happens! A great way to prevent this from happening is to take those foods (before they’ve gone bad, that is) and get creative with your food processor. It’s a fun way to experiment with new recipes and flavors, while not wasting food or money.

Just toss anything you want in a food processor, add your favorite spices and oils, and voila! You have a delicious spread that can put on toast, salads, wraps, sandwiches, cucumber and other veggie slices, a chip dip, etc. Last night I realized I had more dandelion greens and cucumbers than I could eat, so I tossed them in my food processor.

I also tossed in:

  • Walnuts
  • Ginger root
  • Turmeric (a delicious cancer fighter too!)
  • Cumin
  • Avocado
  • Sea salt, flax seeds, and chia seeds

OMG was it delicious! It had a meaty, hearty, and very fresh taste to it. I put it over a salad and drifted off to heaven. BONUS: All of these ingredients are PACKED with nutrients that nourish you. DOUBLE BONUS: it gives you tons of energy since it was so finely chopped that it didn’t use up much digestive energy.

3 Awesome Hacks for Home Cleaning & Self Care


When it comes to cleaning the house and beauty routines, going natural has tremendous benefits on/in you, your furniture and the environment. Mother Nature has gifted us with 3 amazing gifts that take care of most household and grooming needs.

First, I want to briefly discuss why most store-bought items should be avoided…

Most household cleaners get the job done. Great! But – they are loaded with super toxic chemicals that are awful to ingest through your senses, as well as the environment’s ozone layer. Clean your glass tables with something like Windex, for example, (I dont mean to bash Windex – it’s the first thing to pop into my mind) and you are most likely going to inhale a plethora of toxic chemicals into your respiratory tract which can harm your beautiful and life-sustaining lungs and nasal cavity. Cue the Twilight Zone music.

If it comes into contact with your skin, these chemicals quickly become absorbed into your pores and travel through your bloodstream to hopefully be eliminated through the liver. Our liver is our biggest detox organ and it HATES man-made chemicals. Unnatural household cleaners = toxic city! Also, these cocktails of toxins have been proven to disrupt the body’s endocrine and nervous systems. Hello anxiety and hormonal imbalances! Please don’t hate me for this….but most beauty and hygiene products are just as bad :(

But I have really awesome news!!

You can clean your whole house with some natural random staples that are incredibly effective, cheap and won’t make your liver want to punch you. Also, they have some great beautifying benefits! Score!


HOME: This oil is a miracle worker. Rub or pour (depends on your climate!) some onto a barely damp cloth, mix with baking soda and rub on a carpet or upholstery to remove stains. Polish leather, coat your pans for healthier cooking, remove gum, and clean your sinks and showers with coconut oil on a cloth.

YOU: Known to be loaded with nutrients and hydrating properties, coconut oil is awesome for your skin, face, preventing and buffing out fine lines, kills fungal infections and makes a great eye make-up remover.  Nix those toxic lotions and face creams and lather up in coconut oil. You can also mix it with some baking soda to make a whitening toothpaste.


HOUSE: Baking soda is very binding and works as a natural deodorizer. Unpleasant science projects growing in your fridge? Toss in a punctured box of baking soda ( and please throw out the science project). Use in liter boxes, sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming, in between the liner of your trash bag/can, or anywhere in your home that’s not smelling so fresh. Peace out, Febreeze!

YOU: Sprinkle some on a wet toothbrush and brush for one minute in the AM and PM. It’s a common ingredient in whitening toothpastes, sans the toxins. Your teeth will become insanely whiter in no time. Lackluster skin? Mix with water and rub in circles on your face for a minute every night. It will bind to and remove toxins and target those pesky oil zones.


HOME: White vinegar is a great alternative to cleaning countertops, glass, and floors. It’s cheap and harmless, and gets the job done like a boss. Add some lemon juice if the smell bothers you. Clogged drains? Vinegar and baking soda gives Draino a run for its money. Pour a cup of or vinegar and 2 tbsp of baking soda into a clogged drain. Wait 15 minutes and pour hot water down it. This works for toilets too. Follow the same process and flush 5 minutes after your pour in hot water. If this doesnt work, it’s time to call your plumber.

YOU: Apple Cider Vinegar clears up your skin and gives you silky hair. Apply ACV to a cotton ball as your new astringent. It clears your skin and dissolves oil while delivering tons of nutrients. In the shower, use ACV as a post-shampoo rinse to help get rid of any build-up while it packs in nutrients for a gorgeous sheen.

These 3 ingredients are versatile, bank account friendly, and 100% safe to you, your home, and the environment. Try them today :)