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fluorideFluoride is a very toxic chemical that is banned in most countries, yet is found abundantly in American products (surprise, surprise!). It is mostly found in drinking water, soda, processed foods, toothpaste, baby fo…od, Teflon products, beer and wine (this one is extra saddening), and many other products.Some side effects of fluoride include:
Calcification of the pineal gland, aka our “third eye” which can dumb us down and make us less intuitive. Pretty much turns us into sheeple.
Disrupts endocrine system
Decreases fertility
Headaches and brain fog
Neurotoxicity, brain damage and Alzheimers
Disrupts cognitive functions (ADHD, anyone?)
Blocks thyroid function (spirulina to the rescue!)
Depression and mood swings
Increases tumor growth
Weight gain
Skin problems and rashes….and much more.Fluoride, clearly, is awful! Be sure to drink filtered, reverse osmosis water, steer clear of tap water, and check your toothpaste labels.Recently at a friends house, she showed me her water filter system that involves osmosis that also removes fluoride from the water. This pictures shows the aftermath of the bucket where the fluoride was filtered to. Imagine that in your body? UGH! Just say no to fluoride!