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Happy Earth Day!


HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE!!!! Our earth is a beautiful, miraculous creation. Lets all do something different today to celebrate, cherish and save the earth. ♥ Today, I have vowed to eat only foods that grew directly from the earth. What woul…d you like to do to celebrate earth? Some ideas include:

-Earthing – planting your bare feet on the ground for at least 10 minutes. This is proven to fight free radicals in the body, elevate your mood, fight depression and insomnia, and raise your spiritual consciousness.
-Eating vegan today – eat fruits, veggies, nuts, beans that came directly from the ground.
-Spending time outside in nature, be it reading, tanning, walking, etc.
-Avoid driving if possible.
-Take a walk in nature.
-Starting a compost
-Take your pet on a really long walk (baby carriages don’t count)
-Go on a picnic
-Plant some flowers, herbs, veggies, and/or fruits

There are so many ways to celebrate earth day!! Lets earth it up!